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Two short-range ballistic missiles are fired by North Korea after a US submarine enters South Korea

By 07/24/2023 7:42 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The military of South Korea reported on Tuesday that North Korea had launched two short-range ballistic missiles into its eastern sea, continuing a recent pattern of weapons testing that appears to be in retaliation for the United States moving significant naval assets to South Korea as a show of force.

North Korea launched three missiles in a row between 11:55 and midnight. This is the third round since last week.

Monday local time and midnight from a region close to Pyongyang, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea.

It stated that the South Korean and American intelligence agencies were reviewing the launches and that the two missiles had flown around 400 kilometers (248 miles) before touching down in waters off the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Although there were no immediate indications of damage, Japan’s Coast Guard advised vessels in the impacted areas to keep an eye out for falling debris.

North Korea’s missile launches were denounced by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff as a “grave provocation” that threatened regional peace and stability.

The statement also stated that the South Korean and U.S. armies were cooperating to increase their monitoring of North Korean military actions. The launches took place hours after the South Korean navy reported that the USS Annapolis, a nuclear-powered U.S. submarine, had landed at a port on Jeju Island.

That emphasized the allies’ attempts to make American strategic assets in the area more visible in order to terrify the North.

The USS Kentucky made history last week by becoming the first American nuclear-armed submarine to visit South Korea since the 1980s.

In response to its arrival, North Korea tested ballistic and cruise missiles last week, ostensibly to show that it might launch nuclear attacks against South Korea, and it dispatched U.S. Navy forces.


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