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Unique Jewish Study Finds Religious-spiritual Support Crucial In Fighting COVID-19

By 10/12/2021 11:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A unique new study conducted by the Emek Medical Center in the northern Israeli city of Afula found that Emunah’s role in COVID recovery was one that could not be ignored.

Published recently in a scientific journal about mental health treatment, the report gave way to an astonishing pattern that pointed out the positive effects of a halachic Pesach Seder on the coronavirus ward at the HaEmek Medical Center.

Source: (AFP/Getty Images)

Dr. Einat Madar, director of the Integrated Internal Medicine and Mental Health Services at the hospital stated, “The patients during the first COVID wave were mostly Shomrei Torah and mitzvos who caught the virus at Purim events. We saw that as Pesach got closer and closer, the [religous] patients became more and more worried that they wouldn’t be able to fulfill Leil HaSeder and the other mitzvos of the Chag. Not celebrating the Chag was too difficult a decree for frum patients. They were preoccupied with it and we saw how much it influenced their mood and in accordance, their physical condition.”

In response to this, a unique approach of treating the mind and body was employed by the hospital, which then agreed to the hospital Rav’s suggestion to hold a halachic Pesach Seder in the coronavirus ward.

“Providing conditions for patients to practice their faith and celebrate events related to religion and mesorah creates happiness and improves the patient’s welfare,” said Dr. Madar. “In accordance, the responses we received were very moving. Many patients told us after their condition improved that they believe that the atmosphere we succeeded in creating for the Chagim was a turning point for them in fighting the virus. And we really saw that it dramatically improved their physical condition.”


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