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US Closes Ford SUV Exhaust Issues Investigation Without A Recall

By 01/23/2023 8:33 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The Ford Explorer SUVs don’t have significant amounts of carbon monoxide, and there is no need to recall them, according to the results of a more than six-year examination by the US government’s road safety department into exhaust odors in the passenger cabins of the SUVs.

Before coming to its conclusion, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims to have examined more than 6,500 consumer complaints, field-tested SUVs, and consulted with specialists in automobiles, medicine, horticulture, and occupational safety.

In the investigation, which spanned the model years of 2011 to 2017, there were allegations of 657 injuries and three fatal crashes involving approximately 1.5 million Explorers.

Police agencies who deployed Explorer Police Interceptors as patrol cars received many complaints.

However, the agency said it utilized strict testing procedures to inject exhaust gas into automobiles in documents made public on Monday.

There were no 2017 Ford field service campaign Explorers with bodies that were sealed that had carbon monoxide levels that exceeded EPA guidelines.

The organization found that the greatest detected carbon monoxide levels in the vehicles it tested were caused by sealing problems by installing sirens, lights, cages, and other objects.

According to NHTSA, sealing problems brought on by repairs made to consumer vehicles following damage from rear collisions were typically the cause of the highest carbon monoxide emissions.

The government reported that even without Ford’s sealing modifications, no vehicles without collision damage or equipment installed had carbon monoxide levels that were too high.

The agency claimed in its report that it had not found any flaws that posed an unreasonably great danger to motor vehicle safety.




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