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US intelligence agencies launch an AI chatbot to assist with data sifting

By 09/28/2023 11:54 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


To expedite their data processing processes, the CIA and related US intelligence organizations plan to introduce a new AI chatbot that is based on ChatGPT technology.

The chatbot will be educated on public datasets and provide sourced replies for verification, according to a report from Bloomberg on Tuesday. The CIA’s Director of Open Source Enterprise, Randy Nixon, described the difficulties the intelligence community faces.

“Traditional media outlets have given way to a vast digital universe. Finding important information is like looking for needles in a field of needles, Nixon stated.

The US intelligence agencies will soon receive new AI technology, which promises to streamline this procedure.

The AI tool is anticipated to have features like data lookups, interactive queries, and effective summarizing of enormous amounts of data. “Our ability to acquire data has greatly increased.

The platform will enable features like auto-summarization while also ensuring that the proper information reaches the agents, according to Nixon. Concerns are raised about what constitutes “public data” and the potential privacy ramifications, despite the CIA’s continued secrecy regarding the fundamental AI employed for its chatbot.

The chatbot will be accessible to the whole 18-agency US intelligence community once it is operational, but not to politicians or the general public.

Nixon has pledged that the tool will abide by US privacy laws, but concerns regarding the security of the system and the abuse of technically “public” data still exist.

Notably, in the past, government agencies have acquired huge data sets, such as mobile locations, through commercial means without following the proper legal channels.

China’s desire to rule the field of artificial intelligence by 2030 may have persuaded the US to hasten the creation of the technology. The Biden administration unveiled the blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, outlining fundamental principles in response to China’s expanding influence in AI and taking potential threats into account.

In order to ensure ethical product development, the administration has also allocated $140 million for new AI research institutes and has been actively collaborating with AI industry leaders.


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