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US Representative Santos submits paperwork for a potential reelection bid

By 03/14/2023 10:28 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Despite pressure to quit due to ongoing criminal and ethics investigations into the lies U.S. Rep. George Santos told while vying for office, Santos submitted paperwork on Tuesday announcing his intention to run for reelection.

Santos may or may not decide to run for re-election; nevertheless, by filing with the Federal Election Commission, his campaign committees are free to raise funds, some of which may be used to cover future legal expenses.

Additionally, he might use the funds he receives to pay back the more than $700,000 he claimed to have given his campaign.

The New York Republican has acknowledged that he lied about having Jewish ancestry, an experience in Wall Street, college degrees, and a reputation as a famous volleyball player.

But there are also substantial concerns about his finances, mainly how he came by the riches he claimed to have accumulated so rapidly despite having recently experienced financial difficulties, including being evicted and paying thousands of dollars in back rent.

The fabrications, in the opinion of Santos, 34, are merely cosmetic additions to his portfolio.

As the New York Times found contradictions in his public record, pressure on him to quit emerged almost immediately.

He has been called upon to resign by fellow New York Republicans claiming that his lies have betrayed the public and his own party.

The legal issues have also plagued Santos for a while.

According to a lawyer who claimed to have assisted the Republican with the case, he was charged with criminal theft in Pennsylvania in 2017 due to erroneous checks allegedly used to purchase puppies from dog breeders.

Such charges, though, the attorney claimed, were later dropped.

He formerly faced unsolved accusations in Brazil for allegedly using a fake cheque to purchase clothing when he was young.


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