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Ventilation Action Teams To Be Deployed in NYC Before Schools Reopen

By 08/26/2020 5:17 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Mayor Bill De Blasio has announced the formation of a new, dedicated set of school ventilation action teams, which will be inspecting every single classroom to make sure they are able to maintain safe air quality. This move comes after several parents expressed their concern regarding NYC schools lacking proper heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in the classrooms, especially in the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 


With a sharp decline in the transmission of coronavirus cases in the state, Public schools will be welcoming students and faculty back into the classrooms in less than three weeks. This is primarily why Mayor Bill de Blasio acted on continuing concerns about the air quality inside the buildings.


Citing the reason for the creation and deployment of these ventilation action teams alongside Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, Mayor de Blasio commented that the new teams will, “Make sure that every school is ready, the ventilation systems are working, that windows are open, even if they weren’t open in the past, because there’s nothing as powerful as fresh air when it comes to fighting this virus.”


The Department of Education has purchased 10,000 air purifiers that will be placed in schools. In addition, every building will be given a carbon dioxide detection device to routinely measure air quality in classrooms.


With independent ventilation experts and professional licensed engineers hired by the school construction authority, these newly formed teams will make necessary repairs or adjustments to rooms to ensure sufficient air quality, before school starts. The Department of Buildings and the FDNY will also be assisting with the inspections. 


“We have purchased over 10,000 portable air filters for nurses’ offices, isolation rooms, and any rooms that these inspections reveal need additional circulation. And I repeat, if inspections find that entire school or particular rooms do not have adequate ventilation, then we will not allow anyone to use those spaces until they are made safe,” Carranza said, stressing upon the stringency of the regulations. 

Source: am New York



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