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VIDEO: 155k Federal Workers in Canada Begin a Strike Over Pay

By 04/19/2023 11:27 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to their union, one of the most significant strikes in Canadian history began on Wednesday after midnight among 155,000 government employees, including 35,000 from the tax agency of Canada.

According to the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the strike was launched after negotiations with the government ended in a deadlock. There will be more than 250 picket lines set up.

Tax return deadlines coincide with the Canada Revenue Agency strike.

The union’s national president, Chris Aylward, stated that the negotiation teams would continue to meet throughout the strike.

The government has made every effort to negotiate a compromise and prevent any disruptions to the services that Canadians depend on. The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has opted to continue with a nationwide general strike despite some continuous movement at the bargaining table on crucial issues by both parties, according to a statement from the Treasury Board of the federal government.

The biggest problem is wage hikes.

The third-party Public Interest Commission’s proposal led the Treasury Board to award the union a 9% rise over three years.

The union, meanwhile, has campaigned for 4.5% annual rises for the following three years, saying the increases are required to keep up with inflation. Additionally, it has continued to discuss problems, including tighter restrictions on contract labor, more anti-racism education, and remote work options.

In what the union refers to as the government’s final opportunity to reach an agreement, mediated contract discussions between the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the government started in early April and proceeded over the weekend.




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