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VIDEO: 4 Killed In Shooting At Downtown Louisville Building

By 04/10/2023 2:58 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

At least four people were killed, and at least nine others were injured by a shooter at a bank in downtown Louisville on Monday, including two of the governor’s acquaintances. Also deceased was the suspect.

A former student at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, some 160 miles (260 kilometers) to the south, murdered three children and three adults just two weeks before the massacre, the nation’s 15th mass murder this year.

In the shooting, acquaintances of the governor of that state and his wife were also killed.

According to Louisville Metro Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey, officers arrived as shots were still fired inside Old National Bank and engaged the shooter in a firefight.

It wasn’t immediately apparent if the shooter shot himself or the police.

“We think the shooter was a lone individual who did have a relationship with the bank. It appears he was a former employee, though we’re still trying to figure out his relationship with the company,” Humphrey added.

According to the University of Louisville Hospital spokeswoman Heather Fountaine in an email, nine persons, including two police officers, were treated for injuries sustained in the incident.

She stated that one of the officers was in critical condition. There have been at least three patients

Visibly upset, Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky said he lost friends in the shooting at the East Main Street building between Louisville Slugger Field and Waterfront Park.

It’s terrible, he remarked. “One of my closest friends passed away today. And another close friend of mine also didn’t. And one who is in the hospital, which I hope will survive.

After taking office as governor, Beshear has personally experienced a significant tragedy twice.

Dawson Springs, the hometown of Steve Beshear, a former two-term governor of Kentucky, was one of the towns decimated by tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky in late 2021.

As a young lad, Andy Beshear frequently traveled to Dawson Springs and talked emotionally about his father’s hometown.

As the inquiry in Louisville continued and authorities looked for a motive, Beshear commented. Criminal investigators were visible, marking and taking pictures of multiple bullet holes in the windows near the bank’s entrance.

A man who left the building during the shooting told WHAS-TV that the shooter’s first-floor conference room where he started firing with a long rifle.

According to a mass killings database by The Associated Press, USA Today, and Northeastern University in collaboration, this year’s 15 mass shootings are the most in the first 100 days of a calendar year since 2009, when 16 had happened by April 10.

The years with the most mass killings since 2006, the first year for which data has been kept, were 2019 and 2022, with 45 and 42 mass killings documented over the entire calendar year.

With 32 mass killings documented in 2009, the pace calmed down later.


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