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VIDEO: A Charedi couple in Jerusalem who were struck by a police water cannon are compensated with 50,000 NIS

By 06/26/2023 9:55 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A Charedi Jerusalem couple was granted 50,000 NIS in damages after they were struck to the ground by a police water cannon during a protest by the Jerusalem Faction at the city’s entrance.

When they were struck by the water cannon and thrown to the ground by the power of the water, Eliezer Noach and Hadassah Shulman were on the sidewalk close to the rally.

The two had just gotten off a bus as it approached the city and were not a part of the rally that took place before Yom Kippur in the year 5783 following the arrest of a yeshiva draft evader.

The pair was not a part of the demonstration, as evidenced by video from the scene.

Shoshana, a 70-year-old lady, collapsed after the water cannon struck the pair, breaking her arm.

She was brought to a hospital for care.

Following the incident, the couple, through Be’Tzalmo organization lawyer Michael Littvak, sued the police.

A compromise settlement to the lawsuit provides that the police would compensate the couple and that the officer in command of the water cannon, who used it improperly, would not be reinstated.

Asserting that “police made a serious mistake in harming my clients, the Shulmans,” attorney Littvak applauded the agreement.

We filed a legal lawsuit because, regrettably, the police did not immediately accept responsibility, apologize to the couple, or terminate the person who operated the water cannon.

“I’m pleased that the prosecution accepted responsibility for the severe injury brought about, came to a solution, and provided significant compensation.

Anyone who has been hurt by the police is urged to retain their legal rights and file a lawsuit since this is the only way to end police brutality.

The director of B’Tzalmo, Shai Glick, stated that “Police must treat every person equally.

Sadly, it frequently happens that police hurt innocent people because they are Charedim.


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