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VIDEO: As Israel’s unrest persists, demonstrators and yeshiva students gather outside Aryeh Deri’s home

By 03/23/2023 8:53 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Watching the following videos from the morning of Rosh Chodesh Nissan will give you a glimpse into the recent bitter disagreement that has torn Israel apart.

Israelis are bogged down in squabbling over the future of their state at a time when Jews around the world commemorate the renewal of our nation after the escape from Egypt and the revival of the planet after winter.

Leftists and even some centrists consider what the right-wing views as the legal actions of a majority-elected administration as a power grab and a coup intended to weaken the High Court of Justice, the final stronghold of Israel’s liberals.

We have a recipe for even greater conflict and altercations when we combine this with the terrorist atrocities that occurred during the first few months of the government and the extreme statements made in reaction by senior right-wing ministers.

The first entirely right-wing government to control Israel has caused several issues that have long divided the nation to become more prominent suddenly.

The first concern is how Israel should be defined: Should it be predominantly a Jewish state that puts Jewish beliefs and goals ahead of democratic requirements?

The Supreme Court, which has frequently disregarded Jewish values in decisions that reflect its ultra-liberal philosophy, should be weakened or modified.

Second, how should Israel be defined? Should it expand its borders into the biblical Judea and Samaria or maintain a more restrained expansion, giving up the cities in these areas in favor of settlement blocs and eradicating all the outlying settlements to reach solid and defendable frontiers?

Finally, who should determine Israel’s boundaries? Should it include all immigrants with Jewish ancestry, even those who do not adhere to traditional Jewish law?

Should it grant them a civil union? Should all citizens pledge allegiance, join the military, and pursue a standard minimum level of education?




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