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VIDEO: As the death toll rises to 28,000, rescuers are still searching for survivors six days after the deadly earthquake

By 02/12/2023 10:39 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Over the weekend, Israeli search and rescue personnel maintained their frantic race against time efforts to locate additional survivors of the terrible earthquake in Turkey. The teams have saved 19 Turkish residents; the last successful operation occurred more than 120 hours after the earthquake, on Friday evening, when IDF search and rescue personnel pulled a 9-year-old child from under a collapsed building in the nation’s southeast.

The brave removal of a Turkish national from the rubble in Kahramanmaras was the Home Front Command troops’ 19th such operation, according to the Israeli military.

The Israeli army determined that the child, Ridvan, was Romisa’s sibling, a 14-year-old girl who had been found earlier in the mission.

Their mother’s lifeless body was found sometime after the earthquake. Ridvan is currently being cared for by a pediatrician from the Israeli field hospital.

Although it was determined that the infant was still alive, it was unclear exactly how he felt.

Additionally, on Friday morning, in the exact location, Israeli rescuers extricated a 10-year-old boy from a burning building.

Even while there were several notable rescues in the area on Friday, they were becoming less frequent as the death toll in the region rose to over 24,000 during the weekend in Turkey alone, with over 4,000 more victims in Syria.

Despite this, rescue teams continued to extricate individuals, including entire families, from collapsed buildings throughout the day on Saturday.

Dramatic rescues were being shown on Turkish media, such as the 133-hour-old Narli family’s recovery from a significant Kahramanmaras earthquake. Nehir Naz Narli, 12 years old, was saved first, followed by her parents.

Following that, a family of five was rescued from a pile of debris in the badly damaged town of Nurdagi, in the province of Gaziantep, according to a report from TV network HaberTurk.

God is Great! was chanted and cheered by rescuers. “As the father, the last of the family was hoisted to safety.

Despite experts’ claims that stranded persons can survive for up to a week, the chances of finding further survivors were rapidly decreasing due to the bitter cold in Southern Turkey.

Rescuers switched to thermal cameras to aid in locating life.




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