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VIDEO: At school board meetings, the vice president’s Jewish husband mentions the Holocaust while describing irate parents

By 03/16/2023 10:08 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s Jewish husband, compared parents who speak up at school board meetings to the horrible anti-Semitism that resulted in the Holocaust.

The vice president’s husband, Emhoff, has made it his top priority to fight antisemitism.

He made the remarks on Wednesday while speaking with Symone Sanders, a former Harris adviser, about his most recent trip to Eastern Europe.

Emhoff remembered, “I met one woman who was saved in the German Holocaust, settled in Ukraine, and is now a refugee back in Berlin. He continued, “This hatred is interrelated.

Emhoff continued, “We have to speak out, we have to expose the cowards in this world. You can’t be in a leadership position if you’re not going to take the initiative, and you can’t be in a leadership position if you’re not going to speak up about things that you know are wrong—things that you can see right away are wrong. And that includes being silent on issues like anti-Semitism, attempts to topple the government, and imposing book bans—all of which are absurd and are opposed by a sizable majority of people in this country.

According to Nicole Neily, President of “Parents Defending Education,” Emhoff’s speech disrespects the memories of the 6 million lives lost during the Holocaust.

School board meetings have occasionally grown heated in recent years due to opposition to woke classroom instruction from parents and activists.

Republicans have questioned the Biden administration on a contentious DOJ memo requesting the FBI to look into threats against members of school boards.

The First Amendment allows people to petition their government for a remedy of grievances, of which parents have many due to union-imposed school closures, continued Neily.

One of the hallmarks of our democracy is civic engagement, and those who choose to communicate with their elected representatives should not be derided or demonized for doing so.



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