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VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Defends Israeli PM: ‘Israeli Courts Are A Dictatorship

By 01/24/2023 2:08 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro praised the Netanyahu administration’s proposals to overhaul the Israeli judicial system in his well-known Daily Wire podcast and criticized the proposed reforms’ unfavorable media coverage.

Shapiro referred to the Israeli judicial system as a “dictatorship” and supported the changes that Justice Minister Yariv Levin had suggested (Likud).

According to Shapiro, the Left has criticized Benjamin Netanyahu for pursuing a plan to alter the Israeli Supreme Court democratically.

“The media are so hypocritical about this stuff…, particularly in the United States. The media in the United States keeps saying that Benjamin Netanyahu is some fascist, that the newly-elected Knesset majority in Israel is some sort of fascist organization for seeking to…change the procedures for Supreme Court’s nominees… so that they are nominated by the Knesset or nominated by the Prime Minister and then confirmed by the Knesset, which sounds very much like the American system,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro emphasized that the Israeli courts may essentially seize control of the legislative branch without a constitution, rendering the democratically elected Knesset ineffective.

“Also, they [the government] want to make sure that the Supreme Court can’t write up some constitution and declare itself dictator because Israel has no constitution,” he continued. And in some strange way, this makes Israel fascist, and it is laughable.

“You must fully comprehend how the Israeli judicial system operates. In essence, it is a dictatorship that its citizens have chosen, and it is ludicrous how Israel chooses its judges.

Israel doesn’t have a constitution, according to Shapiro. Israel’s Supreme Court says the same thing, but since there is no constitution in Israel, they are essentially just saying, “Whatever we don’t like, we can strike down.”

“In the United States, the Supreme Court says, ‘We are speaking in the name of the Constitution; we are striking down an unconstitutional piece of legislation.'”

Not only that, but the Israeli Supreme Court was chosen in an illogical manner because the Knesset never granted it that authority.

The president chooses a candidate for the Supreme Court in the United States. Following the Senate’s advice and consent procedure, that person is confirmed.

Again, the president of Israel, not the prime minister, appoints Supreme Court judges in Israel from a list provided by three sitting Supreme Court justices.

They choose their replacements.



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