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VIDEO: Biden likens border crossers to Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany

By 01/06/2023 8:38 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

President Biden compared migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to Jews tormented by the Nazis during the Holocaust on Thursday.

In response to a question on whether (illegal) migration is a human right, Biden gave a positive response.

I believe it is a human right if your family is being persecuted, and I thought it was a human right for Jews in Germany to receive assistance where they could, the guy stated.

The millions of Jews who the Nazis persecuted during the Holocaust were severely insulted by Biden’s callous comparison of southern migrants to German Jews. It downplays and discredits the unfathomable atrocities they endured.

Journalist and outspoken Jewish educator Joel Petlin criticized Biden’s comments on Twitter.

He said there are other similarities the President may use to highlight the importance of aiding in resolving the southern border problem.

It is not fair to draw comparisons to Jewish refugees from the Holocaust.

We don’t need the Holocaust to be minimized right now, with all the false information.

Biden acknowledged in his speech that Americans have a right to know that individuals crossing the border have been thoroughly screened with background checks and are not criminals.

But it is well known that there is no such vetting procedure because overworked border agents deal with thousands of asylum seekers every day without any opportunity to check their backgrounds or criminal records.

Thousands of border crossers—a small portion (of the millions who do so)—are narcotics and people traffickers, weapons smugglers, gang members, and even cartel leaders.

Dozens of terrorists, especially Middle Eastern radical Islamists, cross the border yearly.



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