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VIDEO: ‘Brothers In Arms’ Protest Outside Goldknopf’s Home

By 05/16/2023 9:37 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Following the current Israeli budget allocations, which include increased funding for chareidi institutions and 13 billion NIS for private coalition enterprises, there has been intense public criticism of the government and chareidi MKs.

The administration was allegedly “plundering the public coffers” and “stealing from taxpayers to fund draft dodgers,” according to the opposition.

The “Brothers In Arms” organization protested the budget allocations on Tuesday morning outside the residence of building minister Yitzchak Goldknopf by creating a fictitious pile of money, which some people regarded as anti-semitic. Additionally, protesters claimed that the minister promoted “ignorance” in the classroom.

The demonstrators also sang Hatikva throughout the march, quoting Goldknopf, who had previously claimed that”mathematics doesn’t contribute to the economy” and accusing him of creating a “generation of idlers.”

The previous government of Bennett and Lapid was perfectly willing to use finance minister Avigdor Liberman to allocate more than 1 billion NIS to chareidi institutions in exchange for the support of chareidi MKs for the Bennett-Lapid government, according to a report by Michael Shemesh, the political reporter of the Kan news outlet (and a chareidi himself).

This was revealed on Monday evening.

What is impressive is that the billion shekels that Liberman and Lapid planned to donate to the chareidim were not actual coalition funding, Shemesh subsequently noted.

No one needed the two chareidi MKs (Eichler and Porush) to join the alliance, and they didn’t need them to win a majority (as per coalition agreements).

A billion shekels were transferred solely to irritate Bibi (Netanyahu).

In response, Liberman said it was a “misleading report,” and Lapid said he “didn’t know of such a document.”




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