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VIDEO: Chaya Raichik Slams AOC For Lying About Her at Congressional Hearing

By 03/28/2023 7:36 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to reports, leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “defamed” Chaya Raichik, the Orthodox Jewish author of Libs of TikTok, and she is not taking it lying down.

AOC criticized Libs of TikTok during a Congressional hearing in February for posting videos regarding the minor gender change procedures at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The extreme leftist said that Raichik propagated a “false” that she had posted and that this information caused “real life harassment and ultimately a bomb threat” to Boston Children’s Hospital.

On Friday, Raichik recorded herself moving toward AOC’s office inside Congressional buildings. When she knocked on the door, a staff member responded, “Give me a second. Cortez is not in.”

During a brief pause, Raichik addressed the camera and said, “I don’t think we’re going to get to talk to her…I don’t know if she’s in, but I think that door slams where it’s revealing. As a result, I doubt they’d like to speak with us.

Raichik asked AOC not to “lie about American citizens” in a message on a sticky note left outside the building.

Raichik revealed the attempted encounter on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” stating she was not surprised.

“I under no circumstances expected her to take responsibility. I went to her office and was prepared to sit down with her to discuss this and give an explanation. I’m not sure if she was in the office, but I do know that she hid,” she stated.

“I doubt she would ever confront me or bring up the subject. Yet, I don’t like being slandered in front of millions of people as an American citizen. I tried to confront her, but she backed off.

“Btw, this isn’t over,” Raichik tweeted after the broadcast. I won’t support a congresswoman who uses her influence to smear and fabricate information.


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