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Video: CUNY Professor Flees from Reporter After Equating USA to Iran and China

By 09/03/2023 4:09 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A well-known Jewish reporter confronted a CUNY law professor last week, asking about the man’s reprehensible remarks from only moments earlier.

Professor Tarek Z. Ismail charged that the US was equally culpable for violating human rights as Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, and Iran.

The lecturer stumbled and sidestepped the subject when pressed about his reprehensible remarks before turning away from the reporter. Ismail presented at a town hall meeting titled “Not on Our Dime! Act,” which would “forbid nonprofits with New York State registration from supporting Israeli settlement activity.”

According to Ismail, the USA should be listed among the worst violators of human rights. Reuvain Borchardt of Hamodia questioned him about specific infractions at a gathering that followed the incident.

Ismail stumbled and skirted the question, saying he wasn’t available to talk (despite the fact that he had been very available before hearing the question). He then turned to “Emily,” who was ostensibly a press agent, in an apparent attempt to be rescued while fully avoiding Borchardt. Check out the filings, which, uh, are soon to be made in Geneva and, um, are committed by the US. I don’t have time to give you specifics, Ismail said.

Borchardt prodded him for further information, but he was unable to stand by his offensive remarks. Upon seeing the video on Twitter, councilwoman Inna Vernikov wrote: “Professors who detest Israel, and professors who hate America… these are the “role models” who poison young minds at our university campuses on the ways of the world. And here is more of what Marc Lamont Hill’s hire for @CUNY will bring.


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