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Video: Demonstrators from J’lem’s pro- and anti-reform sides hold hands in a sign of unity

By 07/24/2023 8:56 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Demonstrators from J’lem’s pro- and anti-reform sides hold hands in a sign of unit

The fiercely fought first stage of the reforms, which limits the court’s authority to invoke the reasonability clause with reference to executive authorities, will be passed by the Knesset on Monday, bringing the highly combustible political climate in Israel over judicial reforms to a boiling point.

The law’s proponents argue that it is essential for the elected government to be able to implement its programs, while its critics argue that doing away with the court’s ability to review government decisions will turn the government into a totalitarian regime without checks and balances.

The entire nation was overrun with protesters on Sunday, despite a scorching heat wave with temperatures reaching 95 degrees.

Protesters for reform flocked to Tel Aviv’s city center to show their support for the government’s initiatives and demand the completion of all planned reforms, while opponents of reform converged on Jerusalem to express their outrage over the legislation.

Before such divisive legislation was passed, there was also a prayer demonstration at the Western Wall between the two sides, urging cooperation and compromise.

The opposing parties waved several Israeli flags and expressed their love for the nation in patriotic speeches.

As a result, until the slogans and banners of the demonstrators were displayed, it was not always possible to determine their points of view.

The two opposing groups met on the escalator in the Jerusalem train station on Sunday night following the protests in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with the pro-reform protestors going back to Jerusalem and the anti-reform protesters going to the Tel Aviv region.

Some of the protesters spontaneously joined hands with their adversaries as they climbed the escalator in an act of togetherness.


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