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Video: Dov Hikind Lashes Out at White House, Calls Biden ‘Pandering Hypocrite’

By 07/12/2023 8:50 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Dov Hikind Lashes Out at White House, Calls Biden ‘Pandering Hypocrite

Dov Hikind criticized the Biden administration’s “lecturing” and humiliating criticism of the Israeli government on Wednesday.

Since 2021, the White House has been a vocal opponent of Israel, but the most recent round of vicious condescension started on CNN on Sunday when President Joe Biden claimed that some of the “most extreme” members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet were present, branding them as “part of the problem.”

Additionally, this week, it was reported that a representative of the White House National Security Council said: “We urge Israeli authorities to preserve and respect the right of peaceful assembly.

The planned judicial plan is the subject of intense discussion. Such discussions are a vital component of a strong democracy.

In reaction, former NYS Assemblyman and activist Hikind attacked Biden on Twitter.

“Stop being a fawning hypocrite with your ‘criticism’ of the Israeli government’s handling of crippling protests! First, it’s an internal concern, Hikind tweeted, adding, “! Second, the resilience of Israel’s democracy is demonstratively demonstrated by the fact that protesters were able to close down key thoroughfares and Ben Gurion Airport!

People are free to demonstrate, but they do not have the right to stifle everyone’s daily activities, and your own administration would act in the same way! ”

So, Mr. President, instead of disclosing the depth of your intervention in Israel’s internal affairs, you should keep silent if you have nothing useful to say! “, Hikind penned.

Additionally, Hikind published a video showing himself viciously denouncing Biden. Hikind stated, “Stop telling the Israeli people that they have a right to protest, ‘to protect and respect the right of peaceful assembly, adding, “That’s the message from the White House.”

The lives of the majority of Israelis are being disrupted by large-scale demonstrations, which is exactly what is happening in this nation. People also have the right to protest, he said.

He also made reference to Biden’s hypocrisy: “But would the authorities do everything in their power to open up the roads to the airport, or if the airports in America were closed, the one in Washington, Kennedy airport in New York, closed down, you couldn’t get to the airport?”
“The government of Israel has a responsibility,” he added.

“I came into the airport in Israel just a couple of days ago; we couldn’t get to where we were going. You couldn’t get out of the airport; people who were going to the airport for flights couldn’t get to the airport.

The demonstrators do not have a right to disrupt everyone’s life.”


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