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VIDEO: Driver Arrested After Wild Police Chase In Southern California

By 11/10/2022 1:07 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Following a pursuit that culminated in smoke, flame, and gunshots that lasted an hour throughout Southern California, a motorist who stole multiple vehicles, struck other vehicles, slammed police cruisers, and hit other cars was apprehended.

Around 5 p.m., the frantic pursuit through two counties started. On Wednesday, there were complaints of a vehicle racing recklessly through Anaheim, California.

After some time, the driver of that vehicle fled and hijacked a parked van. This incident was caught on camera as the van repeatedly rammed into a Fullerton police cruiser that was blocking it before it was able to go away.

Benitez claimed that in an attempt to protect his mother, he reached for a kitchen knife.

I attempted to steer the man toward the front door, but he snatched the car keys off the kitchen table.

Benitez claimed that while his mother tried to restrain him, he cornered the suspect, holding a pair of scissors, and threatened to knife him.

The man ended up with the family outside, where he grabbed the truck and fled quickly.

Although the pickup eventually lost one of its front tires, the driver continued to drive quickly and erratically through the Hacienda Heights neighborhood, colliding with several vehicles, crossing center dividers, and running red lights.

After being rear-ended by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s patrol car, the truck eventually wound up at a fueling station.

More than a dozen cop cars had surrounded the gas station, but the truck continued to reverse up and collide with one of them, causing police to open fire through the driver’s window.

The stopped truck began to spew smoke and then flames, which were soon put out with a fire extinguisher as deputies encircled it with rifles drawn.

Finally, deputies approaching the car with a special shield smashed the driver’s window, opened the door, and removed the driver, who was then carried to a patrol car. It wasn’t apparent if he was hurt.


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