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VIDEO: Driver dies in fiery tanker crash, homes in Maryland burn

By 03/05/2023 11:39 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Many homes and automobiles were damaged, and the driver of a tanker truck carrying a flammable chemical was killed when it crashed and caught fire on a Maryland highway on Saturday, according to police.

About noon, the truck overturned on U.S. 15 near Frederick, about an hour’s drive west of Baltimore. Images captured the enormous flames and the thick smoke.

Firefighters saw the vehicle fully involved in a fire that had already extended to three homes and automobiles when they arrived on the scene shortly after receiving many emergency calls, Frederick Fire Chief Tom Coe said during a news conference.

One of those residences sustained significant damage, forcing the residents to leave. According to Coe, the other two suffered only little harm.

No further injuries were reported, according to Coe, but the tanker driver, who was not immediately recognized, passed away.

According to the authorities, the precise sequence of circumstances that caused the catastrophe is being looked into.

Although Coe stated that it was thought to be a frequently transported combustible liquid like gasoline or diesel fuel that does not represent a concern to the general public, officials are still seeking to identify the precise material the tanker was hauling.

According to him, workers will monitor the air quality and isolate the area where the liquid-soaked dirt was for cleanup.

According to officials, no breach of the city’s sewage system or a nearby waterway.

U.S. 15, which passes through the city of 80,000 people, was initially closed in both directions due to the collision, according to the State Highway Administration.


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