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Video: Due to a proposed child support bill, hundreds of protesters are blocking access to Israeli rabbinical courts

By 07/18/2023 5:28 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A new measure that would expand the authority of the rabbinical courts for child support prompted about 200 left-wing protesters to gather outside the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court on Tuesday.

More than 200 women demonstrated outside the Haifa rabbinical court, and there were also demonstrations outside other rabbinical courts. Dayanim was prohibited from entering the Tel Aviv court, and plaintiffs and defendants were also blocked from getting to the sessions by the demonstrators.

The Higher Rabbinical Court’s Chief Rabbi David Lau, who also serves as its president, blasted the protesters for their “unprecedented and irresponsible behavior,” adding that “a small number of people are preventing Dayanim from reaching the court and preventing the public from conducting hearings scheduled for today.

Anarchy like this is illegal and undemocratic. The Dayanim of the courts won’t be intimidated and will carry on serving Israel’s residents. I urge the law enforcement agencies to take these actions seriously.

Eli Ben-Dahan, the director of the rabbinical courts, also released a statement denouncing the demonstrators who “violently disrupted the court hearings and tried to uproot the building’s doors and cause damage to it.”

“The rabbinical court system has no association or connection with the judicial reforms,” claimed Ben-Dahan. The assertions regarding efforts to move child support to rabbinical courts are untrue and inaccurate.

Since the state’s foundation until today, child support has been a daily topic of discussion and decision in rabbinical courts.

Since a male is obligated to support his family according to Halacha, the courts make their decisions in accordance with this law, giving the woman preference; nevertheless, secular courts consider both parties’ income. Meir Porush, a minister for Jerusalem affairs, stated that “regardless of the judicial reforms, the left-wing protest is exposed to be assaulting everything that has a tinge of Judaism.

I urge the left and its leaders to put an end to the incitement.


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