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VIDEO: Former Israel Supreme Justice Aharon Barak Places Tefillin After Contentious Mishpacha Interview

By 01/13/2023 9:20 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Former Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak was pictured by the Mishpacha magazine while wearing Tefillin, in what many have criticized as a marketing gimmick.

After a heated interview with journalist Aryeh Erlich, who noted that “there were almost no agreements in the tempestuous and even angry interview,” Erlich asked Barak to don tefillin, and the justice, one of just a few young Kovno Ghetto survivors, consented to do so.

With Barak, Erlich recited the Brachos and Kriyas Shma, calling it “the most moving moment in my professional career.”

Barak has been making appearances in the Israeli press nearly every day to voice his opposition to the judicial reforms being developed by the current administration.

Barak emphasized throughout the interview that judges should select additional judges since they are the best individuals to evaluate their professionalism.

Would you want other people to appoint Dayanim? he questioned the interviewer. ” and refuted the claim that this would breed nepotism.

Barak wanted a picture to show observant Jews that he is not trying to start a civil war, a charge that has been leveled at left-wing lawmakers who have spoken out against the government, according to many chareidi viewers who shared the video.

People on a chareidi WhatsApp group pointed out that Barak’s Tefilin Shel Rosh was improperly worn and that his hands did not have the correct number of ties.

Others took Barak’s curiosity as a sincere indication of his desire to respect Jewish traditions.



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