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VIDEO: Frum Father of Jewish Boy Beaten by Arab Thugs Slams Schumer and Nadler

By 04/19/2023 7:41 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A frum Five Towns man whose son was severely abused by violent antisemites lambasted Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Jerry Nadler, both Jewish Democrats, for dismissing his family’s appeals for aid.

Barry Borgen provided testimony on Monday during a field hearing on violent crime in New York City held by the House Judiciary Committee.

He called out Nadler, the top Democrat on the committee, for doing nothing to aid his son Joseph, whose Palestinian assailant is getting a slap on the wrist.

Borgen informed Nadler that she was a Jewish New Yorker. “I called your office numerous times. At his office, I repeatedly contacted Mr. Schumer, a Jewish New Yorker.

It was “broad daylight” when Borgen’s son was attacked in Times Square in 2021, “all because he was wearing a yarmulke going to a pro-Israel rally.”

He said that the “open and shut case” had been postponed by acting DA Alvin Bragg. Borgen said Bragg gave the attacker a “sweetheart” bargain, and the assailant threatened to assault him again.

“And here Bragg is just schlepping this case along with no solution, offering deal after deal,” added Borgen. He said that Schumer and Nadler’s push would probably expedite the process.

“Perhaps Mr. Bragg would have taken this more seriously if you guys had issued a statement from Washington saying we condemn… this beating of Mr. Borgen’s son, we condemn… this act,” Borgen added. He claimed that by remaining silent, Bragg is given more freedom to “just do whatever he wants to do.”

In response to Schumer and Nadler’s silence, Borgen stated, “And I call you out on it.” And most of my friends are so discouraged by you and Mr. Schumer; you have no idea,” she said.

Borgen got no response from Nadler.

Borgen also bemoaned the prohibition on gun ownership for New York’s decent people.

“We can’t get guns here in New York,” he continued. “It’s astounding how easily firearms are obtained by the crooks who wander about killing people. And Mr. Bragg is charged with possessing a gun; it’s a misdemeanor, so no big deal.

I won’t go to Manhattan, he declared.


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