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VIDEO: Husband, Father Of Three Murdered Jewish Women Wants April 10 To Be ‘Dees Day’

By 04/11/2023 5:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Rabbi Leo Dee, whose wife Lucy, 48, and daughters Maia, 20, and Rina, 15, were killed in a terrorist attack, called for April 10 to be observed as “Dees Day” in a video message.

He declared, “Now, we distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong.

Dee recalled hearing about a terrorist assault but could not contact his wife and daughters in a different automobile.

Suddenly he noticed that one of his daughters had missed a call.

For a while, he claimed, “the thought that she called me during the attack and I wasn’t able to speak to her would come back and haunt me.”

Dee learned that his two daughters had been murdered and his wife had been airlifted to a hospital with two bullets lodged in her body after recognizing the family’s suitcases, which had blood on them.

He also learned this information after authorities displayed him an identification card for one of his daughters. He managed to make the 90-minute drive to be with her.

“I lost feeling. I have not yet cried. I was logical,” he claimed.

Although there was a reason for optimism, it was short-lived. Sadly, he said, “Our family of seven is now a family of four.

“Please submit a picture of you, your spouse, or your children with an Israeli flag if you feel that it was wrong to shoot dead at close range three beautiful, innocent young people in the prime of their life,” he said.

Alternatively, share a photo of an Israeli flag on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media platform.

Moral relativism, according to Dee, is like a cocaine addiction in which the user keeps making the issue worse.

Let’s break this downward spiral, he urged. “We will never approve of terrorism. We’ll never put the responsibility for the murder on the deceased.

There is no moral parity between terrorists and their victims.

Terrorists are always evil.

Dee compared Israel to a youngster held accountable for erecting a sand castle on the beach after another kid knocked it over.

Israel has developed a great deal of technology that has saved and improved lives since the Jews gave the world the Bible, yet it is held responsible on a worldwide scale.

“The Israeli flag is a positive symbol. He urged the audience to take pictures of themselves holding the flag and stressed the importance of doing something worthwhile.

“Believe it in your soul. Do it in honor of Maia, Rina, and Lucy Dee’s souls.

He said, “Do it now and do it for all of humanity.” It is now more critical than ever.


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