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Video: IDF Continues Jenin Operation, Captures 120 Wanted Terrorists, Finds Explosives

By 07/04/2023 10:55 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The IDF continued to conduct house-to-house searches for weapons and explosives Monday night in the Jenin refugee camp.

The commando forces collaborated with the special Yahalam engineering unit, the Haruv commandos, the paratroop commandos, and the Menashe regional brigade.

The dog unit, Golani commandos, Nahal commandos, border police, and Shin Bet were among the other forces operating at the camp.

The IDF forces encircled a key building in the camp and applied pressure there until the terrorists inside capitulated.

Explosives discovered within the building were detonated. The IDF found many command stations and seized supplies.

Based on intelligence data regarding eleven locations, including weapons stockpiles, production machinery, and command posts, which offer infrastructure for terrorist operations, the IDF will continue to function on Tuesday.

Ten terrorists have been killed and over 100 civilians have been hurt during the operation.

The IDF emphasized that while all of those killed were involved in terrorism, some of those injured were civilians.

Approximately 3000 Palestinians left the Jenin refugee camp throughout the course of the night.

According to the IDF spokeswoman, the IDF let them depart and clarified that, in contrast to certain accounts, they did not leave on the IDF’s orders.

Regarding the operation’s end, the spokesman continued, “We will complete all the objectives we need to verify and make sure we haven’t missed any.

We had intelligence on 160 terrorists and knowledge of 300 armed terrorists when we arrived.

We have detained around 120 of them so far. We’ll determine whether to end the operation once we’ve achieved our objectives.


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