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Video: In the battle for judicial reforms, lives will be lost, according to former premier Ehud Barak on CBS

By 09/20/2023 8:58 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Ehud Barak, a former Israeli prime minister, criticized the present administration of Israel and predicted that the current demonstrations against the government’s proposed judicial reform “will result in loss of life.”

Barak declared that civil, non-violent disobedience was about to begin. “This movement is incredibly motivating, and it will continue.

We’ll stop this attempt to undermine Israel’s democracy, and we’ll prevail in this conflict.

There might be ups and downs, it might take a while, and some individuals might pass away in the process.

According to Barak, who spoke to CBS News, “We will put a stop to it, whatever the cost.”

I told the people we would have to face toil, sweat, and tears, preferably no blood, but there might be some violence, always coming from the right wing.

In his discussion of the present Israeli administration, Barak claimed that it is “blatantly illegitimate, in my view, and even illegal.”

They are attempting to alter the system itself.

They are attempting to transform Israel from a country where the government is constrained and cannot discriminate against minorities like LGBTQ people and women into one that can, and we won’t allow that to happen.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, the minister of national security, and Bezalel Smotrich, the minister of finance, were compared by Barak to the Proud Boys, an American right-wing organization that participated in the January 6, 2021, Capitol storm.

Barak claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu formed an “unholy alliance” with them to shield himself from his criminal cases. In his conclusion, the former prime minister expressed his confidence that there would not be a civil war despite his warning.

“We will win through the most nonviolent protest ever,” Netanyahu said. “He doesn’t have troops; he doesn’t have the will; he doesn’t have the ability to do it.”



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