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VIDEO: Israeli Police Forcibly Arrest American Avreich After He…Bangs On A Bus Which Closed Its Door

By 11/03/2022 1:02 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

An American avreich was handcuffed, jailed, and humiliated by Israeli police stationed at the Western Wall plaza after he knocked on the door and mirror of a bus whose driver had closed the door in his face.

According to surveillance video footage of the event, the bus driver shut the door in the avreich’s face just as he was ready to board.

The angry avreich pounded on the bus door and mirror.

The bus was halted, and the man was told to pay the driver since he had damaged his mirror.

The driver phoned the police after the avreich claimed no damage and sat down on the bus.

The avreich said he was an American citizen and had committed no crime when the police arrived, and he declined to give his name.

Before being apprehended, police requested that he identify himself, failing which they would arrest him.

Police detained the avreich when he refused to identify, and when he complained that a female officer was holding him, one of the officers pepper blasted him. Later, the avreich was taken into custody under duress.

The video recorded by onlookers shows that the avreich did not actually fight the female police officer, as later reported by the police, but rather only objected to her arresting him.

Despite the avreich’s protests that he had committed no crime, he was sprayed, handcuffed, and arrested in an embarrassing manner.


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