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VIDEO: Jewish Comedian Fights Off Burglar

By 05/10/2023 3:04 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

An Orthodox Jewish man who lost equipment worth thousands of dollars crucial to his livelihood expressed gratitude for G-d’s kindness even during a crisis while speaking to a Los Angeles news source.

According to KTLA (, a thief broke into comedian Daniel Lobell’s mobile recording studio, housed in a school bus parked in his backyard, on the afternoon of May 4.

Lobell uses the stolen $25,000 worth of equipment to record his Modern Day Philosophers podcast and other productions, including cameras, headphones, amps, memory cards, and other goods.

A man in a mask, wearing just slippers, was captured on camera leaving Lobell’s self-titled Podcast Bus with a full Amazing Savings shopping bag.

Lobell walked outside to his backyard after noticing that the door to his bus was open and saw that the studio he had spent two years building had been looted, according to CBS News (cbsn. ws/3MflE1D).

Lobell stated, “My heart just dropped.” “All of my equipment is gone.”

The burglar returned two hours later to clean the school bus’s closed doors, purportedly to get rid of his prints.

After watching the crime on his surveillance tapes, a dumbfounded Lobell rushed outside to confront the culprit.

As Lobell remembered, “This guy – my kids, my babies are in the house, so I just got charged with adrenaline.” “I said, ‘I’m going to kill you,'” she said. I will kill you.

The two men were captured on the family’s security cameras fighting, with Lobell attempting to seize his children’s trampoline to fend off the robber.

The burglar departed the scene and moved toward a line of crammed RVs.

Lobell and his wife Kylie claimed that after speaking with authorities about the rising criminality in their Pico-Robertson neighborhood and requesting that services be provided for the vagrants residing in a nearby homeless camp, little progress had been made.

Kylie Lobell remarked, “I genuinely don’t feel safe in my backyard.”

After the heist, Daniel Lobell claimed he hadn’t been able to sleep and had been waking up at the sound of anything to ensure his family was secure.

He turned over his security tape to the police.

Despite his concerns, financial loss, and inability to work at the moment, the former New Yorker expressed his public gratitude to G-d for his benevolence in an interview with KTLA news.

Lobell described his rocky return to Orthodox Judaism in an article on ( “One thing I keep reminding myself throughout this whole thing is that everything happens for a reason, and G-d is good, and there’s something good that’s going to come out of this,” he said.

A crowdfunding campaign ( to support his studio reconstruction and financial recovery has received support from 171 donors. So far, the $25,000 target has raised $12,722 as of this writing.


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