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VIDEO: Jewish Journalist Sues Bed-Stuy Bar After Being Refused Service and Verbally Harassed

By 05/01/2023 10:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Independent conservative journalist claims he was turned away from a restaurant in central Brooklyn and one of its staff members because he is Jewish.

Elad Eliahu, age 29, filed a case in Brooklyn Supreme Court on April 28th against Swell Dive, a bar and taco stand in Bedford-Stuyvestant, and employee Alvin Dan (

Eliahu described the event on Twitter, saying that Dan attacked him verbally when they were out for drinks on a date.

Eliahu tweeted, “A far-left activist regular started calling me a ‘zionist fascist’ and falsely accusing me of harassing abortion patients or dox people due to my reporting.

Dan released a video of himself heckling Eliahu as he left the bar on Instagram, showing that he was far from trying to brush the April 9th incident under the rug. The video’s caption read, “This is how I treat proud zionist fascists like Elad.”

Dan’s video changed into an obscenity-laced tirade that attacked Zionists, pro-lifers, Nazis, and Eliahu while continuing to tape him as he left the pub. It also expressed shock that the journalist could maintain a social life.

Dan urged people to “expose their local talent in videos” eventually captured within Swell Dive.

The least I can [obscenity] ask for you all is that you get to confront your fascist, said Dan, a 31-year-old resident of Staten Island. “If you can’t get a raise, if you can’t get a better job, the least I can [obscenity] ask for you all is that you get to confront your fascist,” he said.

“You know what I mean? Confront your neighborhood Nazi and feel good about it. Either you smack a Nazi in the face or show any possible first dates he might have what a [obscenity] dirtbag he is.

Eliahu admitted that the incident had upset his date, and she declined to meet him again.

Swell Dive condemned hatred and prejudice in response to Eliahu’s account of the incident on Instagram but criticized the journalist for his social media posts.

Swell Dive told Eliahu, “What I witnessed on the video is not what should have happened. “Your experience is not typical of the local hangout we’ve been constructing for seven years.

In contrast to the one person you encountered, the bartender appears to be the source of your annoyance, not the establishment itself.

The complaint claims that Eliahu was “unlawfully ridiculed, discriminated against, denied service, and kicked out of the Swell Dive because of his race, national origin, and creed because he identifies as a Zionist.” The filing also requests that the New York State Liquor Authority launch an investigation.

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein, who is defending Eliahu, thinks that Swell Dive is to blame for the incident since employers are responsible for the conduct of their employees.

“Let the message be sent loud and clear with the filing of this lawsuit,” stated Rubenstein and co-counsel Mark Shirian. “If you act in an anti-Semitic manner, a jury will award damages to compensate you for your actions.”


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