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VIDEO: MK Gilad Kariv Brings Sefer Torah To Women Of The Wall Using Immunity

By 12/25/2022 1:48 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Reform rabbi and MK Gilad Kariv has no problems using his immunity to stir up trouble and friction at the Kotel, the holiest site for Jews.

The norms and regulations of the Justice Ministry at the holy site, which forbid the taking of any Sifrei Torah to the women’s portion, are blatantly broken by Kariv every Rosh Chodesh.

As they do every Rosh Chodesh, a small group of roughly twenty Women of the Wall appeared at the Kotel, and Kariv used his immunity to deliver them a Sefer Torah.

Despite catcalls and hostile gestures from other worshipers, Kariv continued bringing the Sefer Torah despite the Western Wall Foundation’s attendants’ best efforts to stop him from escalating the situation.

“We have an extraordinarily complex challenge and spend great efforts to enable the Rosh Chodesh prayers to continue as usual,” the Western Wall Foundation stated.

“We request that any disagreements and demonstrations be removed from the Kotel plaza, and it should remain a sacred and unifying location.”

In response to Rav Shmuel Rabinowitz’s unlawful order prohibiting the carrying of sifrei Torah to the Kotel plaza, Kariv said that he “handed the Women of the Wall a Sefer Torah.

The historic compromise agreement was disrupted by Netanyahu, the Kotel rabbi, and the chareidi parties, but Kotel belongs to all of us, not just them.

This morning, the prayer service served as a reminder that most Israelis oppose any move to codify the Chief Rabbinate’s exclusive control over Kotel prayers, according to Kariv.



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