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VIDEO: Nashville Police Search School, Fire At Shooter

By 03/28/2023 2:59 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The latest school shooting to rock the nation killed three children and three adults. On Tuesday, Nashville police released video from a body-worn camera that showed a team of officers entering and searching an elementary school, then engaging and firing on the offender.

The dramatic six-minute video complements two minutes of edited security film made public late Monday. It showed the gunman’s automobile approaching the school, the glass doors blasted out, and the shooter ducking through one of them.

A woman introduces herself to police when they arrive at The Covenant School on Monday in the latest bodycam footage from Officer Rex Engelbert. “The kids are locked up, but we have two youngsters we don’t know.”

Engelbert responds, “Alright, yes, ma’am.”

After that, the woman points police to Fellowship Hall and claims that individuals there had just heard gunfire. There are a lot of youngsters upstairs, she claims.

With weapons in hand, three officers, including Engelbert, search each room individually. The police shout, “Metro Police!”
One of the officers shouts, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

One of the officers remarks, “It seems like it’s upstairs,” as the school’s sirens begin to wail.

Police enter a lobby after ascending the stairs to the second floor. A police officer says, “Move in.” Then, a hail of bullets can be heard.

A cop shouts twice, “Get your hands away from the gun!” The gunman is then seen lying lifeless on the ground.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, was the shooter, later slain by law enforcement. They claim that Hale, a former pupil, opened fire through the private Christian elementary school’s doors.

Before carrying out the slaughter, Hale, according to authorities, drew a thorough plan of the school that included possible entrance points and performed surveillance of the structure.


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