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VIDEO: Police saved Sara Netanyahu after being trapped by a violent rioting mob

By 03/02/2023 8:19 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Wednesday night, Sara Netanyahu was confronted by a sizable irate protest crowd and locked inside a Tel Aviv hair parlor.

After waiting for hours to be freed, the prime minister’s wife needed to be saved by the police.

In numerous places nationwide, demonstrators against the government’s proposal to overhaul the court rallied and marched.

After learning that Mrs. Netanyahu was receiving a haircut at a salon in Tel Aviv, where there had been unusually violent skirmishes between protestors and police earlier in the day, rioters descended on Kikar HaMedina Square.

The demonstrators obstructed the salon’s entry and yelled at the security personnel securing the prime minister’s wife.

“The country is burning, and Sara is having a haircut,” they shouted.

Police were immediately sent out to avert complete anarchy while the premier’s wife was confined inside. Large police troops eventually showed up and took Netanyahu away.

Around the time of the event, Benjamin Netanyahu made a speech to the country in which he compared Tel Aviv protesters’ altercations with police to settlers’ earlier-that-week rampage through a Palestinian hamlet.

That was virtually a hostage situation, denounced by many lawmakers on both sides.

According to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the anarchist radicals led by Lapid continue to transgress lines.

My wife is currently being threatened and harassed in Tel Aviv. I enjoin Lapid and the opposition to end this immediately and denounce this despicable crime.

In a tweet, opposition leader Yair Lapid pleaded with the demonstrators in Kikar Hamedina to let Sara Netanyahu go home and leave.

The battle against the overthrow of the government and the demise of democracy is yours and ours.

Benny Gantz, the leader of the National Unity Party, likewise urged the demonstrators to disperse.

He urged the demonstrators in Kikar Hamedina to keep waving their flags while allowing the wife of the prime minister to return home. “We will continue to operate together, in various legal ways, to stop the coup d’état.”

“The siege on the Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs. Sara Netanyahu, is irrational and unprecedented,” stated Justice Minister Yariv Levin.

Those who believed that blockages and climbing on Knesset tables would end chaos tonight learned that things don’t end there when violence and disturbances are tolerated. The rule of law must be applied to those who speak out against the law and the rights of those who disagree with them while doing so in the name of the rule of law.




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