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Video: Prime Minister Netanyahu receives a heart rate loop recorder implant and leaves the hospital on Sunday

By 07/16/2023 10:20 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Prime Minister Netanyahu was admitted to the Tel Hashomer-Sheba hospital after feeling ill and disoriented and was discharged early on Sunday morning.

Prime Minister Netanyahu continued to undergo tests at the Sheba Medical Center on Sunday morning, according to a statement from the PM’s office. His condition is excellent; the tests came back normal, and he will likely be released later today. In the cardiac section, the 73-year-old Netanyahu underwent rigorous testing.

According to Ynet, an internal loop recorder (ILR), a monitoring device, was inserted to assess, among other things, heart rate activity.
The monitor is a device that tests for arrhythmias, cardiology expert and medical director Professor Yehuda Adler told Ynet Live on Sunday morning.

They performed the catheterization test on him because “we must rule out significant conduction disturbances in the heart.

The main question was whether the patient’s condition was caused more by dehydration than anything else, and I believe Sheba Hospital handled the situation superbly.

According to the specialists at Sheba Hospital, Netanyahu stayed overnight for observation in the cardiology section.

The prime minister spent time in the Sea of Galilee on Saturday morning after taking a boat ride there on Friday.

Netanyahu thanked the doctors and cautioned the public not to spend too much time in the sun during the current heat wave in a Saturday night video posted from the hospital.

“Yesterday I spent time with my wife in the Kinneret in the sun, without a hat, without water—not a good idea, Netanyahu said.

According to the emergency room’s initial evaluation, the prime minister was declared to be dehydrated, according to a report from his office. Netanyahu was alleged to have been transported from Caesarea to the hospital in a convoy, arrived there awake, and then exited the van on his own.

A paramedic from the Personal Security Unit (Unit 730) of the Shin Bet provided the Prime Minister with immediate care, and they were also responsible for transporting him to the hospital.

Several hours later, the prime minister released a video from the hospital in which he thanked everyone for their support.

God willing, I feel really good. I also want to thank the wonderful personnel at Sheba who inspected me.


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