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Video: Saudi Prince Bin Salman Says Peace with Israel ‘Gets Closer Every Day’

By 09/21/2023 9:23 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The negotiations for a normalization agreement with Israel were openly discussed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in a historic interview that aired on Fox News on Wednesday.

“Every day we come closer, and it feels like things are finally getting serious. In the interview with Bret Baier, bin Salman said, “We get to watch how it goes. No matter who is in control, he asserted, his country can cooperate with Israel, and he called a potential agreement “the biggest historical deal since the end of the Cold War.

“Although he emphasized that “the Palestinian issue is very important to us,” Bin Salman also cautioned that the agreement necessitated giving in to Palestinian demands. We must resolve that issue.

Bin Salman is upbeat despite this, saying, “If we have a breakthrough in striking a solution that gives the Palestinians their demands and makes the region quiet, we’re going to work with whoever is there.

He emphasized that he was unable to provide more specifics about the Saudi demands but yet expressed his desire for “a good life for the Palestinians.” Additionally, Bin Salman denied the claims that Saudi Arabia had halted negotiations, stating that they were “not true.”

The Saudi Crown Prince argued that the agreement represents a positive “step” in negotiations and that he hopes Iran uses the money for good causes to inspire the rest of the world to “do more.”

The Biden administration agreed to grant Iran access to roughly $6 billion in frozen assets for humanitarian purposes in exchange for five detained Americans. When asked about the implications for Saudi Arabia should Iran ever acquire a nuclear weapon, the Crown Prince reiterated that Saudi Arabia would “have to get one, for security reasons, for balancing power.”

We are worried if any country acquires a nuclear weapon. That’s a dangerous, bad step, the speaker declared. Because you cannot employ nuclear weapons, they are not necessary.

Bin Salman continued, “Any country using a nuclear weapon means they are at war with the rest of the world.” “There cannot be another Hiroshima in the world. You are at war with the rest of the world if 100,000 people are killed in front of the globe.

“Since you cannot use it, utilize this effort to locate a nuclear weapon. If you employ it, you must engage in a protracted conflict with the rest of the world,” he continued.

As US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met for the first time in New York City, the Saudi Crown Prince made the remarks.

“I think that under your leadership, Mr. President, we can forge a historic peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia,” said Netanyahu to Biden.

“I think that such a peace would go a long way, first, to advance the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict, achieve reconciliation between the Islamic world and the Jewish state, and advance a genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” This is something we can accomplish.


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