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Video: Teenagers returning from an NCSY trip are verbally attacked by an anti-Semite, leading to a tense confrontation at JFK airport

By 08/03/2023 8:41 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


At the exit for international flights, a woman was seen calling out to every obviously Jewish person and making derogatory remarks about Jews and Israel.

This morning, as an American Airlines flight from Israel touched down at 5 a.m., bringing back groups of teenagers who had participated in summer programs in Israel, including NCSY Euro 4G, a heated confrontation occurred.

Witnesses claimed she compared Israel to Nazi Germany and accused Israelis of killing Palestinians, calling their actions immoral.

One worried group leader decided to act after observing the woman’s agitating behavior and called the police to help diffuse the situation, which swiftly spiraled out of control.

Another person on the site started filming the action at the same time to capture it on film as it happened.

A sizable contingent of people disembarked the aircraft and gathered for a photo while the woman began her verbal assault.

She took advantage of the situation to aim her rage at the teenagers. Camp counselors engaged in an effort to defend the children, pleading with the woman to leave the adolescents alone.

The woman persisted in her verbal abuse and accusations, though.

When a different bystander questioned the woman about her behavior, the situation became critical.

Law enforcement officials responded to the earlier call and arrived in the area shortly after.

The police warned the woman to quit being abusive, especially towards children, despite her assertion that her right to free speech protected her acts.



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