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Video: Terrorist Fires At Family In Huwara, No Injuries Reported

By 10/05/2023 4:49 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A family was saved from death in a miracle episode that happened Thursday afternoon in the town of Huwara in Samaria after a terrorist opened fire on them at point-blank range.

The automobile following the family, which comprised a husband, the wife who was pregnant, and their little child, captured shocking video of the incident.

The attacker opened fire as he approached the car from behind, breaking the back window but miraculously avoiding the wife and child who were seated in the back.

The car’s driver, the husband, displayed remarkable ingenuity by maneuvering the vehicle over a paved barrier and passing another truck in an effort to flee, but the terrorist continued to fire at the family before exiting the area.

A manhunt was started by the IDF to find the terrorist. A little while later, the soldiers were successful in taking out the terrorist who had taken cover on one of the village’s rooftops and started firing at them.

Yossi Dagan, the regional head for Samaria, criticized the administration, saying that “the right-wing government has repeatedly failed to provide security for Israeli civilians. We won’t put up with a situation where they repeatedly target and attempt to kill Jews along a major artery.

“I urge that the authorities reinstate checkpoints throughout the region of Samaria. In order to stop the terror wave coming from Samaria that is affecting the entire center of Israel, I demand that the government take stock and direct the IDF to carry out an operation similar to “House and Garden” in Jenin but more significant and covering the entire northern Samaria region between Shechem and Jenin.


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