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VIDEO: Terrorist Fires, Ramming Police In Kafr Qassem, Then Is Killed

By 12/23/2022 1:39 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In response to a violent event, a 20-year-old Arab youth from the Israeli Arab town of Kafr Qassem called the police and requested their assistance.

Nassem Badir, the young man, pulled a revolver as police came, and he attempted to shoot at the officer as he took cover.

Afterward, Badir tried to ram more police officers with his car but was stopped by them. Badir’s family members insist that this was not his objective, but border police are considering the incident as a terrorist act with nationalist overtones.

In the terror incident that took place early on Friday morning, three police officers suffered minor injuries after being rammed by Badir’s vehicle, according to law enforcement officials.

Additionally, Badir threw gasoline bombs at a police car.

The building that Badir had called them from contained several additional firebombs, according to the police, who later discovered them there.

The attacker then got in his car and sped off before crashing into a car and three police officers hiding behind it.

Badir was killed when the police opened fire.

Later, his car contained a knife. Badir was prevented from doing more damage because his Karlo submachine gun jammed.

Nadir’s family insisted that he was “an ordinary guy, we don’t know how he acquired a weapon, and we don’t believe he was a terrorist,” however, security video from the site contradicted their assertions.

“This was a dangerous situation, an attack that ended in a real Chanukah miracle after a gun jammed and saved harm to officers and soldiers,” police commander Eli Levy said.

A big catastrophe was avoided, and the terrorist was neutralized since it was evident that this was an attempt to harm a representative of the rule of law.



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