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Video: Two New Jersey firefighters died while battling a deep fire aboard a ship carrying 5,000 cars

By 07/06/2023 11:28 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to the fire chief of Newark, two firefighters perished while combating a blaze that started when cars caught fire deep inside a cargo ship carrying 5,000 cars at a port in New Jersey.

Around 9:30 p.m., responding firefighters boarded the cargo ship in Port Newark and discovered five to seven trucks already on fire.

Tuesday evening. Fire Chief Rufus Jackson stated during a press conference that the fire swiftly spread to the 11th and 12th stories and that two firefighters perished as a result of being forced back by the strong heat.

When firefighters couldn’t initially locate their coworkers, state-wide rescue organizations were contacted.

Despite being discovered and extricated from the building, they tragically perished, according to Jackson.

The Grande Costa D’Avorio, which was built in 2011, arrived from the Port of Baltimore a few days earlier, according to marine traffic trackers.

Ras Baraka, the mayor of Newark, remarked at the site, “We lost two firefighters today.

“A tragedy for us in the city of Newark and tragic for all firefighters who understand what it means to enter a burning building and the danger that you will have to face when you do so,” the mayor said.

Baraka claimed to have witnessed unmatched acts of bravery and unity, but he described the loss as traumatizing for everyone in Newark.

Although the fire was still burning when officials spoke at the news conference, Baraka indicated they would keep trying to put it out.

According to Jackson, shipboard firefighting requires a special set of skills that Newark firefighters don’t frequently encounter.

The chief stated, “They’re still prepared to put themselves on the line for others, even if this is a challenging fire, a different type of fire.

“We provide a special kind of service here. What we do, we adore. We care about and watch out for one another.

Loss is regrettable when it occurs. This is terrible. As a chief, I hope to never have to deal with this, but at this time, we must be there and strong for the family.


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