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VIDEO:2 injured in Minneapolis City Council Nomination Fight; No Candidate Selected

By 05/14/2023 6:03 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

At least two people were hurt in a fight that broke out over nominations for the Minneapolis City Council, according to a newspaper.

The altercation started at the DFP’s Minneapolis Ward 10 endorsement convention on Saturday, held in a local magnet school, according to the Star Tribune.

Aisha Chughtai’s competitor, Nasri Warsame, was incensed by the disruption captured on social media.

It appeared to have started when Chughtai’s supporters took the stage. According to the newspaper, some Warsame fans ran onto the stage, shouting, beating on tables, and waving signs. Sam Doten, the convention chair, branded the behavior “embarrassing” and dismissed the session without selecting a nominee since it was no longer secure.

According to the publication, at least one individual had non-life-threatening injuries treated in a hospital.

Another person was attended to on the spot. According to Minneapolis police spokesperson Brian Feintech, no arrests were made.

More than a dozen of Chughtai’s supporters and DFL volunteers allegedly suffered assaults, according to a statement she posted on her website.

She said Warsame delegates “charged the stage assaulting me and my supporters as I was about to begin my convention speech.”

According to the newspaper story, Warsame claimed in a Facebook post that an employee of the Chughtai campaign had assaulted his campaign manager.

A hospital provided care to at least one patient for non-fatal wounds. The assaults and violence at the Ward 10 convention were committed by Nasri Warsame supporters, according to a statement from Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin that was released on Twitter on Saturday night. Martin condemned the violence and expressed regret to Chughtai, her supporters, and her staff.

An affiliate of the federal Democratic Party is the Minnesota DFL.



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