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Violent Bar Ilan Street Demonstration Leaves 2 Hurt

By 01/02/2023 10:32 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Sunday evening saw violent protests on Jerusalem’s Bar Ilan Street once more, injuring two individuals.

Optika Halperin, a store that opened on Kikar Hashabat and featured women in its advertisements, was the target of the present demonstration rather than the light rail due to running down the street in the upcoming years.

At the Bar Ilan street crossroads, hundreds of people marched against the arrests for several hours.

Police utilized a variety of tactics, including water cannons and mounted police, to scatter the demonstrators.

A mounted police officer ran over a demonstrator who needed hospital treatment. Another protester allegedly suffered facial injuries after being struck in the face by the police and having his spectacles broken, necessitating medical attention.

An assembly was held at Satmar Beis Midrash on Yoel Street close at the same time as the protest.

Numerous extremist groups protested the arrest and detention of suspects in the torching of a cellphone store and the destruction of the Optika Halperin store by showing up to the meeting. (which the chareidi Halperin family, descended from Rabbi Refael Halperin, owns).

The words “Daddy, when will you see her?” were painted on a baby cot displayed by protesters riding on a truck.

Yehoshua Dadon, one of the prisoners, gave birth to a girl last week, although he has yet to see her.

Additionally, they set up a table with Chanukah candles to demonstrate that the detainees could not light their candles at home for the holiday.

Some protestors wore orange prison garb to show solidarity with those in detention.

You Forgot That Only In Russia The Government Is A Dictatorship was written on signs held by children riding the truck.

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court will hold a subsequent hearing about the detainees on Monday.

According to the police, “disturbances were caused by a protest in central Jerusalem. Hundreds of rioters blocked two locations on Bar Ilan street, causing delays.

Some demonstrators threw rocks toward the cops. When protestors refused to comply with police instructions to disperse, police officers took action to remove the protesters and rioters.

Police will continue to support the right to protest, but they won’t tolerate any public commotion or interference with people’s rights of way.


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