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Viral: Holocaust Survivors in Kyiv Send Stongly-Worded Video Message To Putin

By 03/06/2022 9:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In a video that went viral on Thursday, two Jewish women who survived the Nazi Holocaust in Ukraine as children addressed Putin in a strong-worded and defiant video message.

‘Get Out of Ukraine, You B*stard’, said two elderly women, sitting among a group of people taking shelter in a basement in the capital Kyiv from the Russian onslaught outside. 

The two elderly women looked directly into the camera as they reminded Putin of the suffering of their families during the Holocaust, before demanding the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory. 

Sitting in front of the flags of both Ukraine and Israel, Tamara Lukash recalled that she had been born in 1939, the year Nazi Germany invaded Poland. “All my Jewish relatives from my mother’s side were taken to Babi Yar. All of them died there.” 

She then added, “and this year, it’s a horror”, while she then turned her ire on Putin.

“Putin, I wish you would die,” she declared, in a voice breaking with emotion. “Leave us, leave us, you bastard. We don’t want to see you, we don’t want to hear you, we want peace!”

After Lukash, Valentyna Yosypivna said that she had been born in Ukraine on June 22, 1941 — the day that Nazi Germany launched a ferocious assault against the Soviet Union. “My relatives died at Babi Yar,” she said. “Now, it’s Kyiv under bomb attacks and shelling again.” Her voice rising, she continued: “Putin! Take your army! Get out of Ukraine! We want peace!”

Soon after the video was posted online, it went viral in a matter of hours. 



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