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Ways You Can Customize The Home App in iOS 16

By 08/03/2022 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Major redesigns are on their way to the Home app on Apple devices with the arrival of iOS 16 this fall, and according to the previews, a lot of promising customizations are coming your way soon. This being said, if you’re ready to experience the new software, you can immediately download the public Beta and get customizing!

Source: MacRumors

Customize Your Home View Screen

Home View is the very first screen you see when you open the Home app on Apple devices. This is where all the controllable devices in your HomeKit home appear, ordered into Rooms and Favorites. There are also Scenes and Camera groups here. You can now rearrange these to better fit how you use the devices. To reorder these sections:

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner to open the Menu.
  • Select Reorder Sections.
  • You’ll see a list of all the Rooms and Groups (Cameras / Favorites / Scenes) shown on the Home View.
  • Tap and drag the three horizontal lines next to a Room or Group and drag your selection to the position you want on the Home View.
  • Hit Done, and your Home View will be rearranged.

You can also resize any tile on the Home View if it’s under the Room.

  • To do this, tap on the tile when it’s in jiggle mode.
  • A resize arrow will appear in the top-right corner.
  • Tap it to make the tile large and again to make it small. There are two size options.

Hide A Device

You can now also remove any excess devices from your Home app and declutter the Home View by:

  • Long-pressing on a device tile and select Remove From Home View.
  • The tile will disappear from the Home View but will still appear in the individual Room View.
  • To bring it back to the Home View, find it in the Room View, long-press, and select Add to Home View.


Source: MacRumors

Customize Icons

You can now customize the icons for your devices and Scenes can make it easier to quickly find what you’re looking for. There are now 15 options for lighting icons while other categories have redesigned icons to help make it clearer that the icon represents an overhead ceiling fan or a table fan, for example. In Scenes, there are now over 100 new icons, compared to just 12 in previous versions. 

To change Light or Other Devices: 

  • Long-press the device that you want to change the icon for.
  • Tap Accessory Details from the pop-up menu.
  • Tap the Settings icon in the bottom-right corner (or swipe up from the bottom).
  • Tap on the current icon.
  • A menu of icons will appear.
  • Select the new one.
  • Tap Done.

For Scenes: 

  • Long-press the Scene button you want to change.
  • Tap on the icon.
  • A menu of icons and colors will appear.
  • Select the icon and color you like.
  • Tap Done.


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