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WhatsApp Scam: Man Claiming to be a Frum Jew Targets People for Tzedaka

By 07/14/2023 8:52 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A scammer has reportedly been targeting frum Jews on their phones, pretending to be an orthodox Jew and requesting money as an act of “chesed.

What’s even scarier is that he selects his victims by accessing Facebook WhatsApp groups.

The head of NCSY, Dovid Bashevkin, who is outspoken on Twitter, is the next (nearly) victim.

“Beware: I just got a bizarre phone call from this number on my cell from an actual person who knew my last name and mutual friends of mine from Twitter,” said Bashevkin in a tweet.

He kept using slightly inaccurate yeshiva terminology and was plainly SCAMMING FOR MONEY —presenting as frum when he plainly was not.

“If you get a call from that number or from a different number asking you to “perform a chessed” and reassuring you that “I’ve done my hishtadlut” and asking you to send money, please be aware that this is an extremely clear scam,” he stated.

Avoid sending money. Bashevkin appears to have been on the verge of falling for the fake tale told by the con man.

He decided to look into it further, though, because he felt odd. So, I’m sure you’re all asking how I knew it was a fraud, the author stated. I immediately went into full-fledged El Al airport security mode.

Me: “SO WHAT PARSHA IS IT THIS COMING WEEK????” There is a long silence.”

“Guy sounded like he was acting legitimately when he typed “how to con people but using frum language” into ChaptGPT.

The individual identified himself as Edan Brooke, but it appears that he may go by other names as well.

“This is freaky and serious,” Bashevkin continued. Someone has infiltrated Jewish WhatsApp groups with the intention of exploiting people’s desire for Chessed by utilizing frum words.

It is ill. Please spread the word about this scam so that people are aware of it.


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