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When an Italian hotel denies them entry, four Chareidi women sue, and they succeed

By 12/11/2022 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Last year, four Israeli women went on a trip to Italy and planned to end it at a hotel close to the airport. They begged the hotel to let them in, but it refused, forcing them to spend the night in the airport lounge.

The family successfully sued Booking, the business they had used to book the trip.

When coronavirus regulations were still in place, the incidence happened last winter.

The women, who are all Chareidi and including one with a young child, traveled to Rome.

The party requested a hotel close to the airport because their flight was scheduled to depart early in the morning at the end of the vacation.

The women had to demonstrate negative coronavirus tests when they checked in to the hotel, so they displayed the ones they had taken earlier that week before leaving Israel.

Since the tests were completed a few days earlier and were not performed in Italy, the hotel refused to accept them.

The women insisted that local regulations permitted them to enter the hotel and that the prior hotel had taken the tests.

The hotel, nevertheless, was adamant in its position, and the women were compelled to spend the night at the airport.

To see all of Rome, we meticulously planned our trip and, as a result, the allotted time for many sightseeing on the final day, one of the women testified in court.

We arrived at the hotel tired of getting a shower and some rest before our departure, but what transpired was a complete failure.

Even though we followed Booking’s directions to the letter, we still had to endure the embarrassing experience of “sleeping” in the airport with a baby who needed to shower after a long day.

Upon their return, the women filed a lawsuit against the booking agency, which asserted that they weren’t the proper address for such a claim and weren’t responsible for the content on their website.

However, the judge determined their reasons were invalid and ordered them to pay the chareidi ladies 2000 NIS ($600) apiece in damages in addition to 10,000 NIS in court fees.

The judge further reprimanded the business for acting unfaithfully to its clients.

Despite having paid in full in advance, a family member complained, “We did everything by the book and read all of the instructions, it was incredibly aggravating, and we were booted out of the hotel like paupers.

I am pleased with the decision and wish everyone involved the best for the future.


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