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White House: Tesla will provide some EV chargers to everyone

By 02/15/2023 3:12 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a new strategy unveiled by the White House on Wednesday, electric vehicle juggernaut Tesla will, for the first time, make some of its charging stations accessible to all U.S. electric vehicles by the end of next year.

By the end of 2024, the strategy would make at least 7,500 chargers from Tesla’s Supercharger and Destination Charger networks accessible to EVs made by other automakers, according to the White House.

A game-changer in boosting EV use and a crucial element of President Joe Biden’s strategy to combat climate change is the proposal to provide the country’s largest and most dependable charging network to all motorists.

Implementing the 2021 infrastructure law signed by Biden is overseen by White House advisor Mitch Landrieu, who stated, “As President Biden declared, the great American road trip will be electrified.

According to Landrieu, charging an EV “will be as simple as filling up at a gas station” soon.

Several new initiatives, including new standards to make EV charging networks convenient and dependable for all Americans, particularly those traveling long distances, were among the announcements made by the White House on Wednesday.

This included the plan to open up Tesla’s charging network. According to Landrieu and other authorities, the new rules will guarantee that everyone can utilize a charging network regardless of the vehicle they drive or the state in which they charge.

Using private funds and federal spending from the infrastructure law, Tesla, General Motors, EVgo, Pilot, Hertz, and other businesses have also agreed to expand their networks by thousands of public charging ports in the next two years, the White House said. This will “put the nation’s EV charging goals closer to reach.”

This administration is securing the future of EVs, Landrieu told reporters on Tuesday.

The White House announced that as part of the administration’s plan, Tesla would install charging stations in hotels, eateries, and other public areas in both urban and rural areas.

According to officials, EV drivers can access these stations via the Tesla app or website. Over the following few years, Tesla aims to treble the number of Superchargers it has across the country.

The events follow a meeting between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Landrieu and another top White House adviser, John Podesta, in Washington last month.

According to the White House, Biden was not present at the discussion, focusing on the EV market and the larger objective of electrifying the American economy.

A week later, the Treasury Department announced that revised vehicle categorization rules would expand the number of electric vehicles eligible for tax credits of up to $7,500, including SUVs built by Tesla, Ford, and General Motors.

The updated requirements come in response to Tesla and other automakers’ lobbying to modify the definition of a car so that more expensive EVs would be eligible for the maximum tax credit.

The Model Y SUV’s price was increased by Tesla just hours after the Treasury statement.

The agreement to allow non-Tesla EVs to use Tesla chargers, according to Sam Abuelsamid, principal analyst for Guidehouse Insight, “is potentially a huge deal.”

If they can utilize the Tesla network and remain as dependable as it is today, the idea “should be a tremendous advantage to non-Tesla EV drivers,” he said.

Although the White House stated that non-Tesla EVs should be able to access the Tesla network through a corporate app or website, Abuelsamid indicated that an adaptor—or possibly a new charger design—will likely be needed.

But doubt still exists, he continued: “Will (the Tesla network) still be dependable once they open it up?”.



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