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Without the IDF, Moshav Ein Habesor was heroically saved from a Hamas attack

By 10/13/2023 8:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


During the horrific Hamas assault on Israel, the local guards in every neighborhood were left to try and fend off the terrorists’ vicious onslaught because the army was paralyzed and unable to perform.

Middle-aged groups of citizens were made to engage in warfare against heavily armed combatants without proper equipment and organization.

Many of the guards died in unsuccessful attempts to protect their women and children from the ravenous enemy during the unequal conflict. However, the local guard was set up and ready in some villages, perhaps not as a result of Hamas.

“Moshav Ein Habesor had recently experienced an uptick in automobile and firearm thefts.

They made the decision to form a 75-person neighborhood guard battalion a month ago, five of which would patrol at night to deter thefts. The group has improved its abilities to stop the thefts, according to Prof. Yiftach Gaffner, a professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University.

The local guard formed atop the mosque’s walls after the first shells and rockets fell on Shabbat.

A valiant battle ensued in which the terrorists were defeated and chased away when they showed up in cars a little while later.

According to Gaffner, “Despite having very limited firepower, the local guard dealt with and prevented the attack by Hamas militants. Elad, Yiftach’s brother, sustained a wound during the conflict and required emergency transport to the hospital.

When Yiftach tried to sneak his brother out of the mosque through the back gate, he observed a large gathering of 30 terrorists farther down the road. Elad sustained additional wounds as Yiftach quickly fled back into the moshav as the hamas fired at them and sought to capture them.

Yiftach was able to escape through a different gate and be at the hospital in Soroka in two hours while his brother’s condition deteriorated due to blood loss. His condition was stabilized by hospital staff, saving his life.

Professor Gaffner refuses to give up. Despite adding that “this incident requires us to put an end to Hamas as an army and ruling authority,” he claims that “just as we went from the Holocaust to rejuvenation and gained strength after 1973, we will reestablish the communities on the Gaza border, stronger and more successful.”

As the only nation in the world, Israel has a responsibility to reconstruct this unique and significant region for future generations.


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