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Woman Dies After Being Shoved Onto Subway Tracks at Times Square

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After a swathe of Subway shovings and near-death experiences lived by a slew of NYC straphangers, an unfortunate and gruesome incident claimed the life of a woman on Saturday.

Michelle Go — an MBA graduate of NYU’s prestigious Stern School of Business — lived on the Upper West Side and worked for Deloitte in strategy and operations and mergers and acquisitions, lost her life on Sunday, after being pushed by an alleged unhinged vagrant at the Times Square subway track.

Source: Polish News (Main photo source: Shutterstock)

The 40-year-old was supposedly the victim of Asian hate and was simply waiting on the southbound platform at the Times Square subway station Saturday morning when crazed homeless ex-con Simon Martial allegedly shoved her onto the train tracks and into the path of an oncoming R train.

Post the incident, on Sunday, Mayor Eric Adams insisted that riders are still safe on the Subway and that there is just a “perception of fear”. “New Yorkers are safe on the subway system,” said the mayor, a former NYPD transit cop, during a press conference. 

“I think it’s about 1.7 percent of the crimes in New York City that occur on the subway system. Think about that for a moment,” he said. “What we must do is remove the perception of fear. Cases like this aggravate the perception of fear,” he said talking about Go. “When you see homeless individuals with mental health issues not being attended to and given the proper services, that adds to the perception of fear,” Adams said.

Arguing against this logic was Lisa Daglian of the MTA Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee, who said, “For a lot of people, perception is reality. It’s not ‘the perception’ when crime happens to you.”

After several New Yorkers asked the administration to make subways safer, Adams responded saying cops are doing their job policing the rails, with more officers on trains and platforms.



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