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Wounded Warriors From The UK Compete With Israeli Comrades

By 06/05/2023 7:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Last week, more than 60 wounded British military personnel and their families traveled to Israel for the third Veterans Games, a friendly competition between them and Israeli competitors that featured swimming, shooting, and CrossFit competitions.

Seven U.K. Organizations chose former service members from all branches of the British Armed Forces who had limbs amputated in battle or were coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to compete, nonprofit organizations.

Participants did not need to meet a specific athletic requirement to be eligible.

Veterans have a wonderful chance to connect at the event and experience Israel’s sights and sounds.

The athletes competed in the Beit Halochem rehabilitation, sports, and amusement center in Tel Aviv (also known as “Warriors’ House”).

The IDF Disabled Veterans Fund and Beit Halochem UK arranged the games.

For the benefit of Israel’s injured veterans, Beit Halochem UK works to raise awareness and money. In Israel, Beit Halochem provides support for 51,000 wounded soldiers and terrorist victims for the rest of their lives.

It has centers in Jerusalem, Beersheva, and Ashdod, with one more on the way.

“I have post-traumatic stress disorder and was given a diagnosis of combat stress insomnia in 2010,” said Ben Roberts, a 42-year-old veteran from Essex who did deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I participated in the Games last year, and they have motivated me, made me feel like I have value and a purpose, that there are people out there who are eager to assist us, and that we British veterans can accomplish things even when we are struggling with mental health.

The Games were extremely spiritual for me personally, and the energy here helped me get to where we are today throughout the year, according to Roberts.

Families cheered from the sidelines as their loved ones competed in a friendly setting.

The role family members play in their loved one’s recovery is vital since they frequently suffer when a wounded soldier returns.


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