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Yaron said Shma Yisrael after killing five terrorists as Israeli police came dangerously close to shooting him

By 10/17/2023 9:58 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On October 7, Yaron Maor led his family into the safe room after hearing the air raid sirens in his neighborhood of Nir Oz. Maor, however, made the decision to remove his gun from the safe and remain outside the room after learning that there had been rumors of terrorists breaking in.

It turned out to be a crucial choice. Maor quickly heard gunshots in the neighborhood after that. The terrorists were there now. Maor could see some terrorists on the terrace when he looked outside.

Fortunately, Maor’s home had a steel door that their gunfire could not force open. One of them attempted to open the kitchen window instead. Maor then fatally shot another person behind him.

Later, the terrorists adopted a new tactic and threw grenades at the residence. Maor, who was trained in the Givati brigade, fled into another room, knowing he had four seconds to get away from the blasts.

Yaron killed another terrorist in his home after recovering from the grenade.

The terrorists then attempted to enter through a different entry, but Yaron fired at them, killing more. They kept throwing grenades but dared not get inside the home.

Yaron heard the terrorists returning to remove their deceased comrade after reentering the secure room with his wife. The house was then set on fire by them. Yaron made the decision to leave the safe room through the window after realizing that they might all pass out from smoke inhalation. He was nearly shot by waiting Israeli Yamam (special forces) police as he emerged from the building holding a pistol after his wife and three daughters because they believed he was a terrorist attempting to kidnap them.

Yaron spoke “Shma Yisrael Hashem Elokenu Hashem Echad” out of the blue. Even this failed to impress the police, and in order to save him, his wife had to give his name.

Eden, Yaniv’s second daughter, managed to stay alive at a different home thanks to her grandmother’s skill in keeping the safe room door locked for six hours despite terrorists shooting through it.


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